Debris are visual objects that have no impact on any other object.


  • createDebris

  • sm.debris.createDebris(uuid, position, rotation, velocity=nil, angularVelocity=nil, color=nil, time=nil)

    Client only

    Create visual debris of a shape from its uuid, that collides with world objects but does not have an impact on them.


    UuiduuidThe uuid of the shape.
    Vec3positionThe position.
    QuatrotationThe rotation.
    Vec3velocity=nilThe linear velocity. (Defaults to zero)
    Vec3angularVelocity=nilThe angular velocity in radians per second around the axes (x,y,z). (Defaults to zero)
    Colorcolor=nilThe color. (Defaults to the shape's default color)
    numbertime=nilThe time the debris will be simulated before disappearing. (Defaults to 10 seconds)