Associated object type: Interactable

An interactable shape is any part that has additional functionality or abilities. The player can interact with an interactable shape by pressing `E` on it, or connect it to other interactables with the Connect Tool.


sm.interactable.actions table

Actions are used to specify what inputs types an Interactable is able to detect.

sm.interactable.connectionType table


The interactable sends or reads a boolean signal to signal it's current state. (isActive) to signal its output.

In: The interactable reads a boolean (isActive) from its parent as input.


Out: The controller uses a float (getPower) to signal strength output (steering only).

In: The controller reads a float (getPower) from its parent as input for strength.

none 0
logic 1
power 2
bearing 4
seated 8
piston 16
gasoline 256
electricity 512
water 1024
ammo 2048

sm.interactable.steering table

Flags to be used with the steering component.

sm.interactable.types table